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Below are some links to free software and other sites that I have found useful. Some developers request a donation if you find their software of use.

Please note that whilst I have used the software listed I bear no responsibility for any consequences of installing it.

Password checker:
One of the cornerstones of protecting yourself from unauthorized access to your data and online accounts is to have a secure password. This tool will instantly tell you if you're flying close to the wind with your passwords. Beware that automated programs crawl the web with the express objective of accessing your accounts- don't make it easy for them!

Encryption software: Cryptainer LE http://www.cypherix.com/cryptainer_le_download_center.htm
Allows passwords and other sensitive data to be stored in one secure location (make sure the data file is created in an area that is frequently backed up i.e. "Documents"). The free version allows up to 100 MB to be stored.

Drive monitoring software: Acronis® Drive Monitor (requires registration)
As mentioned elsewhere computers and in particular hard drives can fail without warning. However with this tool you are given a fighting chance of taking action before the dreaded event occurs. It utilizes sensors inside hard drives (SMART) that monitors various performance aspects and notifies the user and/or nominated IT support..
This tool is installed and configured on all machines we supply and status reports are sent to us on a weekly basis. It also integrates with Acronis' True Image backup software (not free- please contact us if you require further information).

Defragmentation software: Defraggler www.piriform.com/defraggler
For those who can't bear not knowing what's going on when their computer is defragmenting then this is the tool for you. It also allows some tweaking for those who have to fiddle.

PDF Writer: Cute PDF
Even though newer versions of office allow files to be saved as PDF files this program allows the user to create PDFs from any source that is able to be printed i.e. webpages. It's also useful for "previewing" what the printed product will look like prior to acutally printing it.



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